Mabsoos or Bakhoor

Natural Oud blended incense. Known as; Oud Muatter, Mabsoos, Bakhoor, Dukhun, Ma'amul etc. These are traditionally used by the Arabs and widely using by the non Arabs these a days as well, as these are two in one (Oud & Perfume) home made incenses made for cloths to meet with routine day out fragrance purposes. Specially when we talk about the top hot summer of Arab countries where required a strong fragrance to hide from the iritating odor of sweats. Also some grades can be used to get rid-off from the daily cooking smell contacting to our cloths and producing unpleasant smells to the cloths before going for hang-out. Our home made incenses gives the scents much better than famous  franc incenses of the available markets. 

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